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Dermi Care LLC

Post address: P.O. Box 283499

License No. 676466 Dubai, UAE



The professional beauty industry has been searching for a revolutionary permanent hair removal concept for years now. Extensive Swiss microbiological research has resulted in an exciting innovation in the field of enzymatic permanent hair removal.


Épi-Last. A new era in enzymatic permanent hair removal has begun


We are proud to present the most effective method to permanently remove hair on an organic basis. Using only natural enzymes, the Épi-Last system offers a safe, effective and affordable method for the removal of unwanted body hair for all Fitzpatrick skin types and hair colours. Épi-Last is even suitable for specific zones like the eyebrows, which cannot safely be treated by IPL and Laser.


The advantages of the Épi-Last system are:

• Effective for all Fitzpatrick skin types

• Effective for all hair colours

• Excellent solution for removing downy facial hairs

• Suitable for all parts of the body

• Épi-Last serums do not increase sun exposure risk

• Organic active ingredients

• Paraben free

• Oil and cream free

• Application of the Épi-Last serums is painless

• Cost effective, safer and a more active solution than any other permanent hair removal product

• Winner of the “Best newcomer in the cosmetics industry” award at the Wellness Fair in Kortrijk, Belgium 2009.  


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